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As a scholar, instructor, musician, and writer, I am equally passionate about the creative and the critical imagination—the coordinates that orient my work.

I hold a Ph.D. in modern religious thought, ethics, and philosophy from Stanford, where I currently teach; M.A.s in religious studies from both the University of Amsterdam and Stanford University; and a B.A. in interdisciplinary studies from SUNY at Buffalo. I have published on the intersections between western mysticism and shifting visions of selfhood and nature in early and late modernity.  

Alongside my academic activities, I am the primary songwriter for the alternative Americana project Lux Interna and an author of both creative fiction and poetry. I am currently working on an experimental novel that pairs text with sound and a series of immersive, multimedia installations.

As a historian of religion and philosophy, I engage in the work of reconstruction, archeology, and preservation: I translate the absent and the fragmentary into the tangibility of event, figure, and concept. As a musician and writer, I strive to excavate and express what is “still living” in my research and bring it into conversation with the questions and concerns of contemporary culture.

By moving between these different practices of knowledge production, I hope to find a graceful rhythm that alternately accents inspiration and interpretation, predication and performance, fixity and fluidity. In doing so, my goal is to gain multiple perspectives on subject matter that ultimately exceeds the scope of any one analysis; a task that calls for continuously recognizing that "each venture/Is a new beginning, a raid on the inarticulate." (TS Eliot)

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